Rakt sahayata is a global blood donors’ database. We intend to help needy across the world with immediate leads of blood donors near their location. We aim to imbibe the list of potential and volunteer blood donors to our database and showcase their name and contact details to needy whoever searches the demand of immediate blood near them. 

Our well-intentioned and consistent competence for public service is what has inspired us to make greater efforts to move beyond our competencies for social welfare. Our team continuously strives to add more volunteer blood donors to help the needy in their emergency times.

We believe that we humans need to help out each other in every severe situation to help one another fight our agony and adversities. We must strengthen one another and consolidate the practice of good humanity to pervade love and affection in the world so that our habitat becomes a better place to live. We intend to prevent loss of life due to dearth of blood availability in emergency time. 

Rakt sahayata is a common platform where volunteer donors can register for blood donation and the needy can find the nearest blood donor. AS our tagline cites, we believe in the statement “a friend in need is a friend indeed”.


To register now as a volunteer blood donor, click to The Rakt Sahayata team is also engaged in other novel social welfare activities like spreading mass awareness campaigns, especially in rural areas through our volunteers and social media campaigns. Our blogs and articles are massively appreciated and enlights millions for social, political and financial awareness.

 We are very soon starting a national green movement by which we intend to plant 100,000 trees in Delhi Ncr. Our online magazine is one of the other commendable things we do.


To read our blogs and articles visit- and

If you appreciate our work you can donate to induce us - click here. Your support is immensely important in this auguring mission of ours. Please register and share with your friends, family and relatives. We promise our every volunteer registered donor to continue making our constant effort and making your trust in us worthy.



Our vision

  • To prevent the loss of human lives in the dearth of blood
  • To help needy people with immediate blood find volunteer blood donors at their nearest locations.
  • To bring a smile on faces.
  • To make our earth a better place to live.
  • To give back to society
  • To flourish our mother earth with the most precious jewellery she like the greenery.

Our mission

Rakt Sahayata is on a mission to fulfil the immediate need of blood by registered volunteer blood donors. We take immense pride in what we have achieved till now and we are persisted to make our constant efforts, we have still miles to cover.

Our values

  • Unity in diversity
  • There is no disparity in blood colour, neither our blood cells hold any religion.
  • Love and affection
  • Compassion and mercy
  • Peaceful and loveable coexistence
  • Together we are strong.
  • A true friend will always fulfil the help seek.